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     Hello EWYL Clients! 
As you know, the COVID-19 virus is causing our nation to think through best practices during this time to prevent spreading and to keep our most vulnerable community members from exposure to this illness.  During this time we will respond to the advisories given limiting groups of people, while still giving you the opportunity to continue learning… and continue earning points to provide material items for your baby!  With that being said, a few key points we would like you to know:
1)     We will not have any on-site classes as of today, March 17th, 2020 and they will be discontinued on-site until further notice. 

2)    We will offer online classes and can be assigned to you weekly via a text to your cellphone.  You will gain the same amount of points for completing these during this time.  We will set this up with a phone conference, and assess which classes are needed for you. 

    3)    We will also offer tutorials and a Bible Study on our YouTube Channel.  If you take notes, and text or email those to us, we will also award points for those classes.  I will send the link to these studies, upon your request. 

4)    You can still shop for your baby items in our Blessing Room.  You will need to call and provide a list for our staff, we will get your necessary items together for you, and make arrangements for you to pick up!  
We will work together through this, and the most important task to succeed during this season for our EWYL program is our communication.  Do not hesitate to ask questions or let us know the needs that you may have.  We are here to serve you!



The ETPHC Staff

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To Enroll in our Classes:


Earn While You Learn is a unique program for pregnant women and new Moms or Dads. The program is completely free of charge. The Earn While You Learn Program is designed to help you be the best parent you can be!

You will learn what to expect during your pregnancy and beyond. For your participation you will earn redeemable points.


You can earn points for each visit, being on time, keeping doctors appointments, attending classes, watching educational videos & more!  Call us today for more information:  (409) 381-8600


·      Class attendance is required in order to obtain food, clothing, diapers, formula and more!

·      Weekly attendance is expected of participants.

·      Clients are expected to notify ETPHC if they will need to miss a class.

·      If two consecutive classes are missed without calling, participants may be required to wait 4 weeks before enrolling in a new class.

·      You must be on time for class.

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