The more you learn.... the more you earn!!!!

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Woodville Site

Class Schedule

Tuesday Afternoon Classes:

Parenting 1-2 pm

3/5/19, 3/12/19, 3/19/19, 3/26/19

Bible Study 2-3 pm

3/5/19, 3/12/19, 3/19/19, 3/26/19

Wednesday Afternoon Classes:

Managing Anger 1-2 pm

3/6/19, 3/13/19, 3/20/19, 3/27/19

Parenting 1-2 pm

3/6/19, 3/13/19, 3/20/19, 3/27/19


Jasper Site 

Class Schedule 

Monday Afternoon Classes: 

Challenging Perfectionism 2-3 pm, 3/4/19

Challenging a Critical Heart 2-3 pm, 3/11/19

Challenging Fear of People 2-3 pm, 3/18/19

Challenging Shame 2-3 pm, 3/25/19

Monday Evening Classes:

Managing Anger 6-7 pm, 3/4/19

Managing Anger 6-7 pm, 3/11/19

Labor and Delivery 6-7 pm, 3/18/19

Labor and Delivery 6-7 pm, 3/25/19

Thursday Afternoon Classes:

Preventing Child Abuse 1-2 pm, 3/7/19

Unpacking the Gospel 2-3 pm, 3/7/19

Feeding Baby 1-2 pm, 3/14/19

Part 2 Unpacking the Gospel 2-3 pm, 3/14/19

Taking Care of Mama 1-2 pm, 3/21/19

Part 3 Unpacking the Gospel 2-3 pm, 3/21/19

Baby Health 1-2 pm, 3/28/19

Part 4 Unpacking the Gospel 1-2 pm, 3/28/19

Interested in classes offered now in Kirbyville or Newton?!!

Call today to find out more!  (409) 381-8600


Earn While You Learn is a unique program for pregnant women and new Moms or Dads. The program is completely free of charge. The Earn While You Learn Program is designed to help you be the best parent you can be!

You will learn what to expect during your pregnancy and beyond. For your participation you will earn redeemable points.


You can earn points for each visit, being on time, keeping doctors appointments, attending classes, watching educational videos & more!  Call us today for more information:  (409) 381-8600


·      Class attendance is required in order to obtain food, clothing, diapers, formula and more!

·      Weekly attendance is expected of participants.

·      Clients are expected to notify ETPHC if they will need to miss a class.

·      If two consecutive classes are missed without calling, participants may be required to wait 4 weeks before enrolling in a new class.

·      You must be on time for class.

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